Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mythology (Day...k..k..k..k.kill...m..m..m.eee...)

Good Lord. Make it fucking end. Just make it end Lord.


EraserFoot said...

who picked mythology as the topic over there? I would assume after 3 years of Age of Mythology you guys would be spent on that topic.

Its lookin' good.

Cots said...

No sir.

If you polled this place, I'd bet a large majority would drop everything they're doing now to make AoM2, myself included. This time though, we wouldn't drag 'style' behind the barn and shoot it though.

Anonymous said...

What WOULD you do with it behind the barn?

Ha ha ha! But seriously. All kidding aside-- and I mean it, I'm DEADLY serious... This one looks pretty awesome to me.

DEADLY serious.