Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Oh Fuck, ZOMBIES!!!!!!!"

The Zombie invasion is upon us. Gentlemen, start your shotsguns.
This guy is a swimmer. See.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What I Been Up To (...the thrilling conclusion)

For Danielle. Cause she's cool, and junk.

What I Been Up To (Pt.2)

Another good friend, and wife to one of my best, asked me to do up a couple logos for this really cool line of 'All things Baby' she's trying to launch. It's called LANES BABY BOUTIQUE, and this is where it lives Mostly what she does are these really colorful, one-of-a-kind quilts and blankets. These are a few of the sketches I did and a couple finished(more or less) 'logos'. A little too busy for my tastes in logos, but I can only play with the clubs I was given.

What I Been Up To (Pt.1)

Just got back from a really great trip home to Halifax this last week. The occasion was a couple of my friends, Alex and Heather just got hitched, so I flew back for the stag party the weekend before, and just hung out all week until the wedding the following Saturday. Great time. Halifax? It's on the east coast. North East of Maine. Never been, huh? I suggest going. Trust me. Except don't go between the months of Febuary-April. Trust me.

Anyways, here's the design I did for Alex's bachelor party t-shirt, and the cover I did for Heather for the sweet mix-CD they made up for everyone who attended the wedding.