Thursday, April 5, 2007

Okay, so it was three weeks! Sue me already

Seriously, have more of a cow. I swear you get hotter and hotter the more you nitpick and complain and gripe. HOT.

Anyways, heres a picture of a cat and her pals playing in the snow.

The story is its the year 3000. A nuclear war a millenia ago brought about a new ice age, as well as the near total annihilation of the human race. Now, the world is a startlingly different place. Cats are the size of horses, but have remainded a friend of humanity. Ironically, dogs are now mortal enemies of man, as well as now being the size of elephants. They hunt in packs of 20 or more and are feared above no other of this worlds terrifying array of new predators. Krill has mutated to become an airborn spore, and so followed the number one consumer of their pink, microscopic deliciousness. That's right, Whales. Or should I say Sky-Whales.

No...I shouldn't.

Anyways, this is a picture of Krontos, Breela and Mr.Scrunchymuffinkins (the third) out on a hunt for more Sky-Whale meat for the tribe.

Holy Jesus! Where the eff have I been?

Hey, what's happening mah blizzog? Been a while, I know...What? What's with the look? So what, I go away without talking to you or calling you or even giving you a second though for 2 whole weeks and now I'M the bad guy who deserves the cold-shoulder silent treatment? Well thats fucking just great. What are you, like 3? Oh, now you want to talk..Uh no, I really DON'T have to expalin myself to you, but I'm going to anyways, but not cause you threatened me. First off, I went to New-Found-Land (and hold up/brake screech/sidenote, lemme tell ya I just LOVE people who pronounce it this way...LOVE, fuckers) to see one of my bestest pals get all hitched up. To a lady. Forever. I also seemed to have been entered in some fucked up reverse triathalon where you're forced to drink like 20 beers, spin around till dizzy, sleep for 20 minutes and then snowshoe up a mountain. I'm not totally sure though, its all kind of a blur.

Then I came back from that winter wonderland of cool Canadian ice, (and the cool Canadian beer thats been chilling in said ice since we got back to the motel for the after hours party like 5 hours ago. I had really better go check on those, cause if you aren't careful, those'll freeze up on you and just explo...Ah, for fucks sakes! The beers've frozen up and exploded!) to hot as fuck Dallas, bird flu in tow. Lemme tell ya, this last week has been wicked. High five air guitar solo but the opposite of that.

Anyways, heres a drawlin' I did. It symbolizes my struggle to open up emotionally to the people in my life. The soul of a man encased in a metal body that is unable to give, or recieve, love in any form. And the chain-arm ball-mace weapon thingy symbolizes mans inhumanity to man.