Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mythology (Day 3)

Lots of big changes. Added more to the bottom to show a little more of Medusas' tail. Also, Perseus/Conan has gone from the frying pan to the fire. Still struggling with the face. I want it to look like he's not only getting constricted by the tail, but he's trying as hard as he can to keep his eyes shut. I might give him a sword so he still has a chance.

Captains log...Day 3...Should have gotten into port yesterday, but a strange mist has rolled in. Compass is spinning. I fear this night holds a terrible end for me and my intrepid just me. I'm intrepid.



Anonymous said...

Pretty cool Cotnam. But it doesn't change the fact that you smell like feet. Haw, feet-smeller! You smell like the foot. Jerk.

XOXO, Mike

Cots said...

Dear Grey Coyote

This post represents an attack on my persons, and a violation of the cease and desist order brought against you, and so ordered on the 5th of October of last year. I have submitted this post, along with the restraining order over to the help center, as well as the Orange Countys Sheriffs dept.

Good day sir.

Rodrigo said...

Nice Composition and lighting. I likes.