Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, Sinc got me a gift certificate for Bud Plant for Crimmiz/My Birthdayand what do I go and do....Buy porn. Seriously though, I friggin' love the Suicide Girls. Hot, blue (or Pink)haired, half naked girls all tatted up. I grudginly accept.
So yeah, expect to see a theme arise over the next few (thousand) posts. Started this one thinking it was gonna be a 1hr Speed Paint. Turned out to be a 2 hr frustration fest as me and photoshop and my Cintique got to know each other again after the long break. Good times. That being said, I'm never truly satisfied with anything that I try and start directly in CG. I don't know what the block is, mentally or technically (both?), but I must approach a peice differently from that of just sitting and sketching it out old school pencil-to-paper styles. That'll be how I do tomorrow without a doubt. Tonights offering displeases me.


P.S I got a J.K Waterhouse and Bruce Timm book with the gift certificate as well. The Waterhouse book is unreal. Those old masters are kinda jerks, what with their perfect color, composition, lighting and anatomy. Bruce is a jerk too, but in a different way. Rest assured though, I hate them both.

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