Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Medusa

Yeah. Another quick sketch. Trying to see if I want to try and add a big set around my characters, and make that be the story. This just kept getting muddier and muddier and there was no saving it. Its a little detatched, but I like the composition still. The tail totally framing the scene seems way over the top now, and the worst part is it hardly reads. I'll definitely take the top curl out of any further incarnations. The idea of this scene, and the initial confrontation still seems pretty solid. I'm definitely going to try and shoot this from a few angles around the room to see if I can up the drama a little more. If I was better with lighting, I'm sure I could punch this up too, but alas, I aint.

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MSync said...

nice composition and mood are a workhorse these days!