Friday, January 26, 2007

Li'l Red (The Friday Cop-Out Tradition Continues...)

Little Red Riding Hood image I inked up for the Wizard World Texas sketchbook I mentioned in last fridays post. Lost the .psd to this peice too.....which sucks, cause I spent a freaking long time inking it up all nice and junk (again, all of it was done in photoshop. If anything came out of this last sketchbook experience, it's that I now feel 100% more confident throwing down a solid black line). I'm still really happy with the idea, and my fascination with all the imagery this story offers seems to be near limitless (and by limitless, I mean I have 6 more ideas), so it's no stretch for me to say this will definitely become one of the major themes of this terrifying blog into a broken mans psyche.

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